Why we like to clean out your property.
We like cleanout jobs for several reasons. Your trash is a valuable resource. We find ways to reuse your trash and save on our purchases of supplies for our farms. Yes, we are farmers. We grow trees and shrubs as well as we have cattle and grain operations. I like to say that we are urban miners and dumpster divers as well..,. We are not afraid to get dirty.
Lets suppose you have an old door that is being discarded. It might have dents or holes in it. Why throw it out. We have many barns that are always in need of a replacement door. Barns get used hard. Your old door may not be suitable for a home, but will be great on one of our rural farms or ranches. See some of our properties that we have for recreational use..
Now, suppose that in your garage you have old bags of fertilizer. We can reuse them. We can use it on our fields. Plus, why put it in the trash. Fertilizers in a trash can are dangerous and can cause a fire.
Suppose we carry away old furniture. Again, we may be able to salvage some or repair some. We also have many rental properties. We can give away reusable pieces to help our tenants. Items from the trash we sell !!!.
Dirt , stone, and rocks are always need on our farms. We resell some rocks as landscaping stone at our nursery.
See us for stone and stone products. Dirt we sift with our topsoil screener and use to fill in where we have dug trees in our fields. Stone is used on our farm lanes. We also sell topsoil and potting soils.
See Our Nursery Stock Inventory